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Key Features

Tenant Related

In student profiles, personal, identity, education, guarantor (parent) and payment information can be kept.

Tenant photos, overnight absences can be recorded.

In the student's account statement, debit - credit and balance information can be listed chronologically.

Students matches for optimal roommates with detailed filtering feature.

All kinds of documents related to students can be created.

Students can follow their payment plan.

Any additional notes related to the student may be recorded.

Substitute (waiting) list can be created.

Students may request permission from their interface and permissions can be approved, rejected, listed and filtered by the management.

All details of tenancy can be kept and reported as desired, including car plate, past and future reservations.

All check-in, check-out, tenancy history documents can be easily accessed.

All docs can be exported in any format.

Collection Related

Deposit and any payment (including additional income) can be easily collected and refunded.

The maturity dates and amounts can be listed in detail.

Any kind of collection tool such as wire transfer, cash, credit card etc. can be practically configured.

Collection receipt, payment plan and invoices can be created.