What are the expectations of students when choosing a dorm?

1- Dormitory Location

The location of your homeland provides great convenience to students. While the dormitory area is a habitable area, the satisfaction level of your dorm increases in the right proportion while improving the quality of life of the students.

2- Student profiles and employees in your dorm

Students’ feeling peaceful and secure play an important role in choosing a dormitory. Even though the student feels at home, he/she owns your dorm and extends their stay, so the possibility of students’ renting another home or changing their dorms goes away. Plus, hospitable, good energies, and family sentiment in your dorm are worthy.

3- Innovations

Your budget may be more or less; but have you ever tried to innovate in your dorm in any process? According to the research, if you want to attract the attention of the z generation, you should go to them with real stories and offer new and beneficial solutions. This new solution for students can also contribute to your dormitory’s brand awareness. For example, do you have smart solutions for the Z generation that quickly adopts technology? Are students able to perform dormitory transactions online?

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4- Bathrooms

There are different types of bathrooms in each dorm and in this case, your bathroom may be the decisive point in differentiating from other dormitories. It is important that the bathroom in your dorm room is clean, meets the needs, and satisfies the architecture in terms of usefulness.

5- Community

The community around the dormitory directly affects the dormitory’s reputation. For example, when the student visits the dormitory with their family during the registration period, he/she can be easily influenced by the criticism/comments of the people around the dorm and make quick decisions during choosing the right dormitory.

6- Dormitory facilities

The first impression when it is entered into the dorm affects the students and their families’ decision-making process. The first feeling and energy are significant. A small touch in the dormitory lobby can help you attract new students. For example, creative colors,

trend / comfortable furniture, smart solutions (such as receptacles, mobile phone charging, internet facilities), and personalized dormitory features primarily focused on students may draw attention.

7- Area

Is there enough area for them to have some space on their own? Can you offer a comfortable working area? Can you provide them with a common space where they can become more social and enjoy themselves when necessary? Do you have enough room for their personal belongings?

8- Number of roommates vs price performance

Is the price-performance fair while considering the facilities, and the number of roommates? Are you able to accommodate 2 or more guest students as peacefully as possible? In rooms with multiple guests, there may be many problems between students over time. It is important how the dormitory management take the students to keep their communication in good shape.

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