How To Communicate With Generation Z?



While exploring different marketing languages which are developing every day, we need to communicate with generation Z well to make our business get bigger. First of all, let’s explore these generations:

  • Generation X: 1965 – 1979
  • Generation Y: 1980 – 1999 – Millennium
  • Generation Z: 2000 – 2020 – Crystal

Highlights of the generation Z:

  • IQ levels are high;
  • Addicted to the Internet; related to the digital world;
  • Focused on multiple jobs simultaneously;
  • Value in honesty and trust;
  • Impatient while having an impatient character;
  • Innovative; interested in shortcuts.

So how can we communicate better with the Z generation in our dormitories?

1) Attract their attention

The Z generation actively uses technology in every field. The closer you are to digitalization, they may feel closer to you. For example, with Livinsoft, you can instantly announce your latest news to students with special filtering; you can be sure that students have reached your announcements.

You need to follow today’s digital trends; it is very important to use these trends correctly. In social media channels, you can target your audience by differentiating and sharing creative, beautiful, high-quality images/videos.

2) Tell the truth

You must be transparent in your communication. Share your story. Storytelling is considered as one of today’s marketing trends. Students, who know all about the story of your business, may have ownership of your dorm and in time you will realize the positive results to your business.

3) Listen

It is important to make them feel that you value the people in your dormitory. This new generation may bring many new ideas to your business. It will be important for them to put into action the ideas you like. For example, through Livinsoft, you can easily collect and track your failure notifications.

4) Collect feedback and take the action

The Z generation enjoys teamwork. You can also create voluntary work crowned with mini prizes in your dormitories. Also, after collecting periodic feedback, making improvements in your dormitories while considering their criticism will make them feel good and valuable. With Livinsoft, which primarily focuses on student dormitories, you can easily collect this feedback with the questionnaire module you will transmit to your own students.

5) Effective personalized communication

How and where do you keep your student information? With Livinsoft, you can keep your student information in the most regular way and reach this information from anywhere. On Livinsoft, by saving the special status of the student to the Notes section in the student profiles, you can eliminate the possibility of missing this information.

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