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Why Do You Need A Dorm Management Software?

We have explained in 10 steps why you should use student housing management software in your business.


1- You have slow, irregular running management;

2- You do not have special solutions for your guest students;

3- There is a lack of reporting;

4- Branch management is becoming more and more difficult;

5- You have personnel failures or device failures caused by data loss;

6- You are still using desktop software, an excel system; not a cloud system;

7- You have staff, hardware, software expenses, and additional labor losses due to it;

8- You have uncertainty in your decision-making process;

9- Your costs increased with the margin of error resulting from your decisions;

10- If you have a plan to invest in improving your customer experience and thinking with a future-oriented approach; now it’s time to digitize your workflow.

Meet with Livinsoft. Livinsoft facilitates the management of businesses that provides student accommodation services. Also, it offers a more efficient and profitable operation.

Livinsoft emerged with two main goals: to meet the software needs of the student accommodation sector and to improve the dormitory management by digitizing it while doing this.

We rolled up our sleeves to transfer our 15 years of student accommodation experience to this software, and we created Livinsoft as an alternative to all facility management software.

Contact us via info@livinsoft.com

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