Would you stay in a dormitory or in a flat?

You got into the university! Where do you think you’re going to stay now? We have listed 9 good reasons for you to stay in a dormitory.

1- Good for your adaptation to the school and the city.

The first year of college can be challenging. A new city, school, environment, and people… The list could go on and on. One of the most important factors that will make it easier for you to adapt to this new environment is the good people you live with.

2- You get new friends.

Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of student dormitories is the friendships made here. Some friends become like family, they don’t end even after college, they last a lifetime.

3- You don’t have to worry about the bills.

You don’t need to worry about bills as most dormitories or student houses include bills.

4- You don’t have to worry about furniture.

In the student dormitories, items such as beds, wardrobes, study areas, and armchairs are designed with the comfort of students in mind.

5- Freedom and comfort.

Since many things are thought and designed for you by the student dormitory, you only have to take advantage of these opportunities. Activity areas such as work areas, recreation areas, hobby kitchens, and gyms make student dormitories indispensable.

6- There is no wasting time on the way to the school.

Since the dormitories are usually located around the university, you are always close to your school. You won’t be late for the exams!

7- You will benefit from all the opportunities, activities, and special discounts that are offered to students around the dorm.

You can have many opportunities such as market discounts, gym membership, youth, and spring festivals near your dormitory.

8- Yurt stories are told in a lifetime; Enjoy these memories while you live.

During your stay in the dormitory, the funny and beautiful memories you had with your roommates are always remembered. Don’t forget to enjoy these memories while living them!

9- You’re safe.

Security is very important in student dormitories.

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