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What Are The Common Software Problems?

In this article, we have listed the software problems that may occur in the software that the student housing businesses currently use or will use for property management, and the situations that may occur as a result of these errors.

For making your routine work systematic, improving your business and employee productivity, and reducing your paperwork, one of the key solutions is getting new software. Well, what are the software problems that can occur when switching to new software? Livinsoft brings solutions to all of the following problems.

Let’s investigate them while focusing on the three topics: Product, Security, and Cost.


  • Bulkiness
  • Not User-friendly and practical enough
  • The software basically designed for hotels was not suitable enough for the special needs of student accommodation
  • Limited interactive communication tools
  • Limited and rigid reporting tools
  • A limited number of user accounts


  • Data loss due to human or device
  • Data loss or damage due to cyber
  • Data loss or damage due to physical catastrophes
  • As a result of those possibilities loss of money and customer trust


  • Possible losses due to limited reporting and monitoring tools
  • Extra labor needs
  • Ongoing staff, data storage, and security costs
  • Ongoing technical support and technological investment needs

Choosing software with the above bullets in mind can bring very good results for your business. Thus, you can choose the right software by preventing time and cost loss. Livinsoft is created to solve all the above problems.

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