Dorms are the most practical solution to accommodate your stay if you got into a university outside the city or if your home is far from campus. At that point, how can you choose which dorm is right for you? We have identified a few tricks for you to watch out for. Let’s see how to choose your dorm?

1- Make sure it’s near your campus. Therefore, you don’t spend that much time on the roads. Instead of wasting time on the roads, you can enjoy your campus life more.

2- Some private dorms can be contracted with schools. Do not forget to look for these opportunities.

3- Some dorms have some advantages for the meals, while others do not. The dorms with no dining options may have communal kitchen areas or in-room kitchens.

4- Nowadays, the main problem of most dormitories is the slow internet speed. You should definitely check whether the internet speed of the dorm is slow or not. In some cases, even sending messages via WhatsApp can take hours.

5- Pay attention to your dorm’s traditions, rules, and attitudes towards students. Remember, it’s gonna be your home now.

6- Do not forget to ask “How often is the cleaning done?”.

7- You can ask for laundry facilities and check if they are chargeable. Check if they have options such as renting a TV or a fridge. As a result, the properties of the dormitory should meet your needs.

8- Which capacity does the dorm room have? Do they get the sunlight? You do not want to stay in a dark room.

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