Student housing management software is a solution for dorm managers that helps them manage and supervise the organization. Features such as communication, report, accounting, and work order management were designed to increase the efficiency of management processes. Here are the 5 most important advantages of the dormitory management software:

1-Effective Communication: Reaching and receiving feedback minimizes the possibility of delays, misunderstandings, and errors. Tenants can follow their payments -rents- on a single screen. Students can also contact the dormitory managers and get information about any necessary maintenance. With Livinsoft, you can access all of these features in seconds. With Livinsoft, guests can easily access transparent information.

2- Good for Time Saving: Traditional dormitory administrations may require you to write the same thing several times or follow dormitory fees from mixed and crowded screens when you publish a statement. In student housing management software, you can follow all of these problems quickly on a single screen.

3-Good for Money Saving: Dormitory management software usually performs a lot of time-consuming administrator functions. Therefore, you save labor costs because you can manage your portfolio yourself or with the help of only a few people. The software has the potential to save hours of work on administrative tasks, so it brings you more money. Boring, repetitive tasks can be changed by automatic instructions and need not be reconsidered once where the information is placed in the software. Since all your documents and reports will be electronic, you can save your expenses. This will also reduce the likelihood of your documents being lost.

4- More Accessibility: Thanks to the “cloud”, you can access your information and dormitory management from anywhere. All you need is a device to access the software.

5- Control: Owning a dormitory management software will give you more control over your portfolio. Being at the center of all processes allows you to decide which of your stakeholders can access specific information and which ones cannot. You can quickly access features such as data tracking and report generation with Livinsoft and easily follow your reports with clear graphics. Data monitoring is a very useful feature (reports, certificates, invoices) that lets you know where something is at any time. Data monitoring minimizes the possibility that your documents will be lost or forgotten.

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