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Dormitory Management Software In Two Minutes

Dormitory management software is a product-focused on the management of student accommodation facilities. Livinsoft dormitory management software, which we developed in the light of our own dormitory experience, provides a highly efficient and practical management system to the dormitory managers with its user-friendly interface.


With the pre-registration feature, the guest registers your business in a few simple steps. Pays payments online. Livinsoft keeps track of pre-registrations, and you can access guest information in seconds without digging into tons of files. With Livinsoft’s pre-registration module, you can manage the intensive recording process without any stress.


Livinsoft can integrate into your desired accounting software. You can take care of your business through Livinsoft without the hassle of other software. You can issue invoices, collect receipts or make printing in bulk.


Livinsoft saves you from a lot of paper works. You can access the reports you want with a single button. You can instantly access many reports such as income reports, current account income reports, guarantee amounts, advances, balance reports, additional service reports, VAT reports, financial reports, and so on.


With Livinsoft’s filing feature, your staff can export any file they need in any other formats such as pdf, excel, etc. With Livinsoft’s flexible filtering, you can create the documents you need.


Your data is securely stored in the “cloud”. You can access the files you want at any time. You can determine the authority of the staff and also track past transactions. Therefore, your business is always under your supervision.


With the student interface, guests can easily request permission. You can collect monthly payments with Livinsoft. They can make requests for technical or administrative issues from their panels. You can meet and check the needs of your guests quickly.

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