Having property management software is the first step into digitalization and IoT, AI and machine learning technologies can be integrated into it as well, depending on the investment.

For beginners, let’s start with the basics.

What is property management software?

Property management software aims to automate administrative tasks thus saving time, reducing cost, and creating easy, fast, and secure workflows. Property management software is considered highly effective and time-saving when it is designed to target a particular market.

Easy and Efficient

This blog focuses on the impacts of PMS in dorms and student housing environments. Dorms and student housing environments have multiple operations; the range is from submission, and enrollment to leasing, tracking, and so on. Especially during admission season, these operations require hours of work and in that rush, mistaken transactions occur very frequently. If you wonder how your dorm deals with all business operations while maximizing benefits and lowering costs and frauds, the answer is property management software with a primary focus on student housing.

Thanks to PMS, you’ll be able to execute your work without causing any problems to your tenants. In the long term, this efficient flow helps to keep tenants pleased and develop a positive track record.


Data security, tracking logs, and authorization are other vital issues for dorms. A PMS system is safe and secure and helps with payment issues a lot. The system allows only authorized users to access and process data and keeps transaction logs. Every detail of the transaction is recorded in real-time. A limitless number of data can be input into the system. So you can store all details about payments and invoices in this tool.

Another dimension is keeping data stored safely. All tenants’ personal data is securely stored in the cloud. You would never worry about data loss or corruption since it’s all stored on the cloud.

A property management system is highly beneficial both for tenants and properties in order to shorten workflows. The only challenge here is to find the perfect fit to meet the requirements of that particular property. Each facility has unique challenges and, to overcome these, needs necessary features from a property management software.

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