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What is Livinsoft?

A cloud based facility management software with primary focus on student accommodation.

Access real time information and manage processes anywhere, anytime from any screen!


Livinsoft In 60 secs

Why Livinsoft was created?

Livinsoft was created to solve a problem.

Until 3 years ago, we were trying to carry out all dormitory management processes with hotel software or we had to get the software build from scratch by software companies that don’t understand student housing. Either way, we found out that these programs did not understand us well enough and did not fully adapt to student housing operations. Moreover, we knew that not only ours but other dormitories were in the same situation.

The biggest problem was the management software, which dominates the sector, could not meet the needs of the dormitories and the sector did not have any software that just focuses on student housing. Until one of our teammates “Why don’t we build a dormitory management software that we can execute all dormitory management processes digitally?”

Thus, we rolled up our sleeves to transfer our 15 years of student housing management experience to this software and created Livinsoft as an alternative to all facility management software.

Benefits of Livinsoft


Real-time Visibility

Livinsoft offers tailor-made solutions for the student and user experience.


Increased Efficiency & Profitability

While comparing Livinsoft to the other software, most of them are developed for hotel management, it is essential to solve the problems unique to student accommodation.


Low Cost & Easy Setup

No additional costs such as extreme startup, ongoing technical support / maintenance, data security and hardware expenses.

Improved Data Security

Thanks to Livinsoft's security and backup system, data loss due to user errors or device failures is prevented.

Practical & User Friendly Interface

It offers a practical and user-friendly interface.

Easy and Flexible Structure

Get ready to use within one-day. You can add as many branches and buildings as you want, and create blocks, floors and room plans.

Cloud Based

Allows you to access your business from anywhere, 24/7.


It can be integrated to all kinds of accounting software.

Ease of Payment

Easy to create payment plans and make collection with alternative methods.

Data Security

Data is kept in licensed data parks and backed up periodically.


All kinds of documents can be added, edited and exported in any format.

Filtering & Reporting

Reports can be generated using deep filtering with any stored data.

Livinsoft for Managers / Investors

You are more closer to your business with the managerial / operational dashboard designed with all executive summaries & analytics.

Livinsoft for Employees

Livinsoft makes it easier by speeding up the work processes of the staff.

Livinsoft for Students

While having our personalized interface, students can log into the system to make their dorm processes from anywhere, computer or smart devices online.

Easily accessing the information of our guests from anywhere makes our lives easier than ever. I can instantly make changes and share them with my colleagues without using any Excel or any related programs. Floor plans enable us to manage our capacity more efficiently.

Funda Çağırtekin
Dorm Manager @Yakamoz Istanbul

With Livinsoft, we're having ease of our cash proceeds. It is so simple and useful to learn. Within a screen, we can list all the customer transaction with all the details.

Sercan Sahin
Accountant @Residorm Mugla

Compared to other software we used before, Livinsoft is much faster. Espeacially, as a feature, viewing of all the floor plans made our business more clear and organized by listing all the detail infos about the tenants easily.

Ilknur Yuksel
Student Affairs @Residorm Balıkesir