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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does it take to set up Livinsoft?

When the required documents are completed, the installation finishes within 2 working days.

How do we proceed?

A staff meeting is organized to determine your needs and relevant documents are requested. After delivery of the documents to Livinsoft, the installation is done within 3 working days when the testing stage is all completed.

*Requested documents:

  • Price packages
  • Additional revenue packages
  • Inventories
  • Personnel Units
  • Bank Accounts
  • Pos
  • Income Items
  • Room Types
  • Users
What is the average time for the staff to learn to use it effectively?

Thanks to Livinsoft’s user-friendly interface, anyone can easily use Livinsoft within 2 days.

Why does Livinsoft only focus on student accommodation?

We have our know-how on student accommodation while considering domestic needs of industry and we want to improve our brand by focusing only on these needs.

Will my dormitory information be safe?

Livinsoft is a subsidiary of MV Holding. We guarantee that your information will be 100% safe.

Why should I work with Livinsoft instead of keeping my information in excel or on paper?

Livinsoft will provide you with the opportunity to reduce employee failures, to record organized and secure transactions, to reach this information 24/7 from anywhere and to better communicate with your students by adapting to the developing digitalized world.

Do you offer integration with Livinsoft such as online payment and sms?

We can integrate with other software for the services you are currently using.

Can we update floor plans / sketches by ourselves?

Yes. You can make changes on a lot of features like floor plans and it is really practical!

Can we make polls and announcements to the students via Livinsoft?

Yeah. Livinsoft is for better communication with your students!

Do we have any limits for reporting?

No. All reports are unlimited and they are all based on your needs.

Do we need to have additional fees other than installation?

You will not have additional costs such as technical support and maintenance costs, hardware and software expenses other than the monthly fee to be determined according to your dormitory capacity.

For which problems does Livinsoft produce solutions?

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