Benefits - Livinsoft

Livinsoft for Investor and Manager


Easy Access to Information

Wherever a business owner goes in the world, he/she can access his/her business data and control all items through a single portal.



Ease of management and organization, personnel tracking, data security and prevention of data loss, increase efficiency by minimizing human errors.


Cost Saving

You can get rid of crazy licensing fees, accounting, finance, user restrictions, etc. that may cause additional costs. No hardware or security software costs are needed to protect your data.


Management of Group Businesses

You can follow all types of data flow of all your businesses and buildings across the world through a single portal, and you can benefit from the advantages of having a business that is open to control and access from anywhere.


Data Security

The data is periodically backed up in licensed data parks for double security purposes and stored with a high-level encryption system. Even if your computer is borken or infected, the data and the daily operation of the facility are not affected.


Advanced Authorization

You can create authorization groups and limit the access of your employees by making the relevant modules available for the department your employees work. So that, each staff member can view and make changes only to the information in his/her jurisdiction.


Activity Logging

All actions performed in the software are recorded instantly by the system. In case of need, all actions and changes made in the past, when and by whom, can be viewed with the help of the activity log.

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You Are The Only Owner Of Your Data

In case the membership is terminated for any reason, all your data will be returned to the business. For more detailed information, you can read our GDPR page.

Livinsoft For Students

Custom Interface

Students can log in to the system with their computer or smart device from anywhere they want to the interface specially designed for them.

Online Registration

With a few simple steps, they can pre-register and pre-pay if necessary. They can make their monthly or annual payments online.


They can upload the requested documents to the system in PDF format.

Payment Tracking

They can view all allowed information about them, including current accounts, but cannot change it within their authority.

Online Payment

Provided that the necessary infrastructure is provided by the business, they can make their weekly, monthly or annual payments online.

Request, Complaint, Maintenance Tracking

They can easily notify the business about any malfunction, technical or administrative issue related to their rooms, and follow the progress of their requests and demands.

Absense Requests

They can request or notify absenses to the business online.

Interactive Communication

With the help of the additional modules being developed, they can access information such as the locations of the service vehicles, the density of the machines in the laundry room and order food.

Livinsoft For Dorm Staff


Easy Defining

Definitions such as price, food, ancillary services, discount packages, inventory can be created and the definitions created can be assigned to a single bed or bed types in a single step.


Interactive Communication

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, the user can easily access the desired point in the shortest way. Even an inexperienced user can adapt to the digital world without difficulty thanks to the one day accelerated training.


Accounting Management

It can be easily integrated into any accounting software. Accounting codes and collection tools can be created as needed. Collection receipt or invoice can be issued in one step, and mass printing can be done.


Quick Access to Information

Quick access to all accommodation, technical issues, inventory tracking, accounting, financial transactions and reporting in the current or previous years with a single click.


Easy of Installation

Interactive communication is provided with students thanks to features such as instant survey, announcement, mass e-mail, SMS or e-invoice in the additional modules.


Data Transfer

It can easily export data to e-invoice / e-archive integrator or any other related software.



All types of documents created in line with the needs of the business can be added, printed and exported in different formats.



All kinds of saved data can be filtered as desired and different reports can be created and exported.