Livinsoft for Investors / Managers

Easy Access to Information

A managerial summary or all the details of the business can be easily accessed with a single screen.

Detailed Authorization

Users can view the transaction authorization and allowed modules. They can change the critical information in the database and edit them.


Reduced management effort brings minimal effects by personnel changes.

Data Security

Data is stored in licensed data parks with a high-level encryption system by periodically backing up.

Cost Savings

No more workforce, server and backup units for high-cost programs and devices to protect data.

Transaction History

All transactions are recorded immediately by the system. All transactions made in the past can be displayed on a user basis.

For Chain Management

Multiple businesses can be easily deployed, controlled and monitored from a single center. In this way, more auditable and transparent work can be done.

You are always the only owner of your data!

In case of termination of the membership, all data can be returned to the enterprise or displayed only with the authority to read.

Livinsoft for Students

Custom Interface

Access the system from anywhere with their own computer or smart devices.

Online Registration

Pre-register with a few simple steps and prepay if necessary while making their monthly payments online.


Upload the requested documents to the system in PDF format.

Payment Tracking

View all permitted information, including current accounts.

Online Payment

Make monthly payments online.

Request Tracking

Easily notify the company about all kinds of failures, technical or administrative matters related to their rooms, and follow the stages in their requests.


Forward their permission requests to the business online.

Interactive Communication

Reach the info which are like the locations of the service vehicles, status of their ordered food.

Livinsoft for Employees


Unlimited and Flexible Identification Capability

Descriptions such as price, food, ancillary service and discount packages can be created and assigned to a single bed or all bed types in one step.


Interactive Communication

Ready to use it with a day training. You can add as many branches or buildings as you like and create blocks, floors, and room plans.


Lean Accounting Management

It can be easily integrated into all kinds of accounting software. Accounting codes and collection tools can be created as required. In one step, collection receipt or invoice can be generated.


Fast Access to Info

Get all student information in one-touch access to facility management tools such as room history, technical issues, and inventory tracking.


Easy Set-up

An interactive communication with the students is provided thanks to features such as sending instant survey, SMS or e-invoices.


Data Transfer

It can easily transfer data to e-invoice / e-archive integrator or other related software.



All kinds of documents can be added, printed and exported in different formats.



All recorded data can be filtered as desired and different reports can be created and exported.

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