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From Booking To a Satisfied Check-out

Convert your leads into bookings and ensure satisfaction using robust tools that handle the entire process.

Contract Signing and Lease Extensions

Boost your occupancy rates and revenues by providing a seamless, secure, and efficient experience in finding rooms and entering into leases.

Schedule and Automate Moving In

Enable move-in scheduling to prevent congestion, and utilize automated actions such as emails, SMS, and other communication channels to facilitate a seamless moving process.

Unlimited Integrations

Livinsoft provides the essential integrations needed to optimize and empower your business operations for maximum effectiveness.

Exceptional resident experience

Exceed Customer Expectations

Guests can access our self-service resident portal and mobile app to conveniently pay rent, submit maintenance requests, check incoming packages, and stay informed about community updates and events.

Turn Complaints Into Satisfactions

Collect complaints auto-assisgn to different user groups to minimize the time required to resolve them. Set automated escalation rules to ensure timely response when inquiries are not addressed within a specified time

Efficient and Simple Occupancy Management

‍Residents can be given the flexibility to select their room, indicate their room preferences and lifestyle information, and profile information for automated roommate selection or manual staff allocation.

All-in-one Property Management

Powerful Toolkit

Utilize our facilities management tools, or integrate with top 3rd-party providers for seamless communication with owners and real-time reporting to investors

Website and Booking Integration

Integrate your website or/and booking channels with Livinsoft, securely and at scale.

Automated Communication

Drive resident engagement through email, SMS, Resident Portal, and the mobile app while elevating your communication capabilities to a new level.


Have your Resident Portal and User Portal created with your corporal identity and a mobile app developed and published with your corporal identity with the name of your choosing. We offer this service free of charge for a limited time.

Powerful reporting, accounting and automation

Income, Expense and Budget

Record all transactions in Livinsoft and also integrate with any 3rd party accounting solution your business utilizes.

Easy and Powerful Reporting & Invoicing

Unlimited reports, charts and dashboard info-graphic tools allow you to easily analyze occupancy and financial status, do the reporting and more. Generate invoices in bulk with one click and have them to be sent to the Resident automatically.

Less Manual, More Automated

Let Livinsoft take control of recurring payments, remittances, rent collecting, and more. Time-consuming actions like sending eMail, SMS and notifications, initiating digital contract processes, requesting additional documents and more can also be automated with our powerful tool.

Features at a glance

Helping student communities thrive

Resident Portal

Online portal for residents self-service.

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Roommate Matching

Roommate matching to improve CSAT and retention.

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Secure and Online Payments

Accept payments via your payment provider.

Maintenance Requests

Inventory inspections, management and maintenance requests.

Package Tracking

Organize incoming packages and notify residents.

Quick Dashboard

Customizable dashboard with all info you need.

Dynamic Pricing

Create multiple prices for seasons.

Powerful Integrations

One solution to include all.


Let your residents choose a time that works for them.

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Mobile App

Designed for residents’ self-service.

Finance & Invoice

Automate billing processes and define periods.

Automated Email & SMS & WhatsApp Communication

Set rules and templates to automate communication.

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Create and send surveys either manually or by condition.

Digital Contracts

Send digital contract & signature requests via your solution provider.


Automate most of the tasks in Livinsoft; use your time for CSAT not chores.

Livinsoft Mobile App & White Labeling

Resident & user portals, along with a mobile app, will be developed under your company’s name and in alignment with your corporate identity.