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Client Profile

Name: Residorm

Capacity: 3500

About: Founded by MV Holding, Residorm was established in 2013 and provides services at Balikesir, Kirikkale and Mugla Universities.

Residorm allows students to focus entirely on their studies with its student accommodation located next to university campuses. Apart from these, Residorm student dormitories offer a safe living space for students as a second home after their own, with their buildings designed by world standards and being fire and earthquake-resistant.

Residorm operates on a large scale across multiple locations, with its high bed capacity contributing to significant operational demands.

Accordingly, Residorm needed more than traditional hotel management software or student housing property management software can offer. They were looking for a student housing management software where they could utilize their operational needs. After working with Livinsoft for years, we had a conversation about where Livinsoft helped them excel in their business.

Key Highlights

Cloud-Based Software

Residorm is a student accommodation business that provides services in three different locations in Turkiye. For this reason, it should be able to manage all its businesses on a single platform. Since Livinsoft is a cloud-based student accommodation management software, all employees can instantly access all data and perform transactions whenever and wherever they want.

All-in-One Software

Livinsoft allows reports and student data to be kept on a single platform which were kept in different programs priorly. In this way, it allows employees to make quick changes in case of possible workflow changes or personnel changes, thanks to Livinsoft’s user-friendly interface support. It makes retrospective data tracking fast and effective.

Livinsoft Makes Operations Run Smooth

Before we started using Livinsoft, we were using a hotel program in Residorm. However, as a dormitory business, it failed to offer an end-to-end solution to our operational needs. As a dormitory with a high bed capacity, recording and reporting student data is one of the biggest operational challenges.

Since the program we used before was insufficient for reporting, we had to keep some data in other programs. Livinsoft has been the all-in-one solution ever since we started using it.

Since we started using Livinsoft, we can instantly access students’ data from a single platform. We can convert data about students and our businesses into detailed reports. We can make price or campaign changes whenever we want without getting support from a different program. In this way, Livinsoft gives us room to be flexible regarding price changes.

Client Comment

“The fact that Livinsoft is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere provides great convenience. We can easily carry out transactions even if our staff is away. Many time-consuming tasks are done faster and easier. Thanks to the reporting system, we can access data more easily.”

Digital Contract Makes Registration Period Easy

During the registration period, since our dormitories have a high accommodation capacity, registration processes can take longer than it should be.

Thanks to the digital contract, students and parents can now access the contract information remotely and complete the registration process with a single click. For our students who previously registered remotely, contracts were sent with a courier during the registration periods and therefore the whole process was taking longer. The cost of shipping and paper printing has been eliminated. Moreover, the digital contract offers a more environmentally friendly solution.

It allowed the dormitory registration process to proceed more smoothly for students and parents. It also enabled us to save money by digitalizing processes such as cargo and archives, which cause time and cost for operations.

Digital Contract

One of the opportunities offered by Livinsoft is the digital contract that can be signed via the platform. In this way, registration processes have become faster and more practical. It not only saves time but also prevents waste of paper, allowing students to complete the whole application process remotely.

Connect From Anywhere

One of the best features of Livinsoft is that it is a cloud-based software. No matter where you are, remotely or in the office, you can access all your business data from anywhere you have an online connection.

With remote access, students can effortlessly manage administrative tasks such as submitting maintenance requests, accessing important documents, and paying bills without needing to physically visit administrative offices.

At the same time, Livinsoft, thanks to its user-friendly interface, enables it to immediately adapt to the internal processes of our business in case of personnel changes or the hiring of new personnel. Since it allows unlimited user access, we can easily access the program in case of personnel changes in our business.