The Class Conference

On November, we had the incredible opportunity to be a part of The Class Conference ’23 in Barcelona – a melting pot of innovation and collaboration shaping the future of student living. It was fantastic connecting with leaders in sector. Our team engaged in insightful discussions, exchanged ideas, & explored new possibilities. As proud participants, we also had the chance to showcase Livinsoft at our stand, where we met & networked with other industry enthusiasts. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by – your enthusiasm and energy were contagious! We also embarked on inspiring site-visits to other student accommodation buildings in Barcelona, gaining valuable insights into the diverse approaches shaping student living in this vibrant city.

The conference offered comprehensive insights into the European student housing landscape, covering investment trends, sustainability, and evolving student expectations. Here are some of the key takeaways:

Diverse Investment Landscape: Spain, Italy, Germany, and France emerge as prime investment destinations, showcasing market dynamics and internationalization efforts.

Understanding Student Needs: Recognizing diverse student needs is crucial for well-being. Affordability and support initiatives, like scholarships, are vital.

Blended Living Realities: The blending of living, learning, and working environments calls for a joint response from stakeholders for flexible housing, hybrid learning, and urban management.

Affordability and Regulation Impact: Affordability is a critical risk, with regulatory impacts shaping financial realities. Balancing student needs and investor viability requires collaborative efforts.

Tech Solutions for Student Experience: Technology plays a vital role in improving student experiences, with an emphasis on accessible and timely support through platforms like chatbots.

Next-Gen Investment Strategies: Innovative strategies, like combating social isolation and recognizing on-site programming value, are becoming crucial for purpose-built rental developments.

Grateful for the experiences, connections, & opportunities that The Class Conference brought our way. Here’s to the future of student living, where big ideas and cross-border collaboration pave the way for transformative changes!