Automate Notifications

Automating notifications for reminding tenants about overdue payments, upcoming surveys, and appointments offers invaluable benefits for property managers. By leveraging automated systems, property managers can streamline communication with tenants, saving considerable time and effort.

Optimize Payments with Reminders

With our automated notification system, ensuring on-time payments from tenants has never been easier. By leveraging this feature, tenants receive timely reminders about upcoming payments, eliminating the risk of missed deadlines. This not only facilitates smoother transactions but also regulates your income stream, ensuring a consistent flow of revenue.

Great for Scalability

Whether you are operating a big facility or you plan to scale up in the future automated reminders are great for your plans. With reminders you can easily overcome communication needs without significant overhead.


  • You can automate reminders for payments, surveys and appointments.
  • Choose how many days before and after to send notifications to your tenants
  • Create your personalized messages to be sent by automated reminders for better engagement
  • Choose to send reminders by email, sms or mobile notification.
  • Save time by automating the whole process of notifications.
  • Reduce errors which can be made by manual communication
  • Differentiate your business from competitors with better customer service with the help of automating.

Features at  a glance

Resident Portal

Online portal for residents self-service.

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Roommate Matching

Roommate matching to improve CSAT and retention.

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Secure and Online Payments

Accept payments via your payment provider.

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Manager Approvals

Designed to revolutionize the way you control access to critical functions like pricing adjustments, room type changes, and price definitions.

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Maintenance Requests

Inventory inspections, management and maintenance requests.

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Package Tracking

Organize incoming packages and notify residents.

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Quick Dashboard

Customizable dashboard with all info you need.

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Streamline your property management efficiency by streamlining operations with a dedicated team of experts, enhancing productivity and ensuring smooth management of your properties.

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Dynamic Pricing

Create multiple prices for seasons.

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Powerful Integrations

One solution to include all.

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Let your residents choose a time that works for them.

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With automated reminders, you can send notifications to your tenants about their upcoming payments, delayed payments, surveys and appointments by push notifications, sms and email.

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Mobile App

Designed for residents’ self-service.

Finance & Invoice

Automate billing processes and define periods.

Automated Email & SMS & WhatsApp Communication

Set rules and templates to automate communication.

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Room Inspections

Rooms inspections enable property managers to schedule, conduct, and document inspections providing real-time insights into property conditions.

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Create and send surveys either manually or by condition.

Digital Contracts

Send digital contract & signature requests via your solution provider.


Automate most of the tasks in Livinsoft; use your time for CSAT not chores.

Smart Reports

With Livinsoft, access reports anytime, anywhere which enables property managers and stakeholders to assess the financial health of their properties to make informed decisions.

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Streamlined Booking

Efficiently manage and coordinate reservations for your properties through streamlined bookings.

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Website Integration

With website integration, your visitors can fully utilize Livinsoft’s functionalities from your website.

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White Labeling

White labeling your mobile application is a great opportunity to enhance brandvisibility and have your credibility among clients.

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Automated Billing

Automatically generate and send bills to tenants based on predefined rules or schedules.

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Channel Manager Integration

Automate the process of managing rates and bookings across multiple channels bychannel manager integration within Livinsoft.

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boarding school accommodation mobile app

Livinsoft Mobile App & White Labeling

Resident & user portals, along with a mobile app, will be developed under your company’s name and in alignment with your corporate identity.

boarding school accommodation mobile app